• 5 September 2023 •

Spectronik co-founder on its Hydrogen fuel cell innovation

Thank you Zafirah Salim from Vulcan Post for this story – easily one of the best articles ever written about Spectronik that clearly explains our raison d'être, starting from our history as a fuel cell maker for niche aerospace applications to the transition towards urban mobility and our quest for a zero carbon future.

Topics covered include:

  • - Advantages of Hydrogen fuel cells for drones and fleet vehicles;
  • - How Spectronik plans to lower the cost barrier to fuel cell adoption while promoting circular economy, long term profitability and environmental sustainability;

  • - The goals and objectives of Spectronik’s collaboration with JTC Corporation to roll out its Cruiser Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for trials on public road within Jurong Innovation District (JID) starting Q4 2023;

  • - Spectronik’s longer term plan to establish automated fuel cell production and recycling center in Singapore, in line with the nation’s vision for advanced manufacturing and creating high quality green jobs.

A great read and highly recommended! Thank you Zafirah once again!