The Protium-1000 is a Closed Cathode, air-cooled Hydrogen fuel cell with higher Current density, operational capability
in a wider ambient temperature range, and longer product lifetime than typical Open Cathode fuel cells in the market.

Capable of delivering up to 1000W of net usable power, the Protium-1000 is ideal for applications such as
aerial drones, ground robots, portable power packs, electrical equipment and personal mobility devices.

The Protium-1000 can be set up in less than 1 minute anywhere with no extra tool or equipment required.
Each system also comes with smart electronic controller for autonomous operation, error protection,
remote control, live system monitoring and data logging.



Closed Cathode
Separate oxidant reactant
and cooling air channels

High Current Density
Up to 0.9A/cm2 at 0.6V/cell

Low Purge Losses
<3% due to intelligent
dynamic purge frequency

Integrated Leak Sensor
Increased user safety
by early detection of
stack leakage

Plug and Play
No tools required
for assembly

Smart Controller
Autonomous fuel cell controls
and system protections

USB Connectivity
UART-to-USB interface cable
for PC connectivity with
optional wireless radio modem

IOT Ready
Live monitoring of fuel cell
status and data logging
via PC/Android GUI App


Rated/Gross Power
Rated/Gross Current
Voltage Output
Start-up Time
Operating Ambient Temp.
Operating Altitude
1500m AGL
System Weight
Max Dimension
396 × 165 × 324mm

Fuel Supply

Hydrogen Gas
Dry, 99.999% purity
Delivery Pressure
0.7 bar (10 psig)
Fuel Consumption
Gas Tubing
PU, 8 x 5.5
Supply & Purge Control
Solenoid valves with integrated pressure sensor

Electronic Controller

Processor Board
Weight (including casing)
Output Connector
Warning & Protections
Low voltage, high/low temperature, high/low pressure, low external power supply, stack leakage
868MHz ultra long range radio modem
Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software
PC/ Android GUI App
Remote Control
Fan speed, blower speed, manual purge, remote on/off

What’s in the Box

  • 30-cells graphite plate fuel cell stack with protective casing, oxidant manifold and cooling airflow hood
  • Electronic controller with protective casing
  • Heat management system (cooling fans with integrated DC-DC power supply and pwm control)
  • Oxidant and fuel supply system (blower, solenoid valves, gas pressure sensor, gas tubing and connector)
  • User interfaces (On-off push button, status LED, XT-90 output connector, BOP switch, external power supply connector)
  • USB connectivity or ultra long range radio modem transmitter and receiver
  • Aluminum mounting rack for bench-top testing and transportation protection
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) report



Test Conditions

  •  Ambient temperature: 24°C
  • Relative humidity: 60% 
  • H2 supply pressure: 10psig 
  • Dead-ended operation 
  • Balance-of-plant powered by fuel cell 
  • Tcell at 1000W: 66°C





Download the Technical Dossier by UK Magazine Unmanned Systems Technology June/July 2021 edition,
where Spectronik's closed cathode air-cooled fuel cells superior
technical advantages are described in detail.

Download the full technical dossier here