CEREBRAL-55 is a 5500W regulated, non-isolated, buck-boost DC-DC converter with smart control functions.
With wide input (15-90V) and output (12-90V) voltage ranges, high conversion efficiency (94-97%) and compact form-factor (<1.5kg), CEREBRAL-55 is one of the highest performance DC-DC converters available in the market.





Mass with Heatsink & fan
1460 g
Size L x W x H
360 x 100 x 90 mm (with spacers)
Power Cables Connections
Lug connection for M5 male with Nut
10 x ∅3.2mm or M3 spacers
Advised ambient temperature
− 15 to 60 °C
Advised temperature threshold [6] [8]
< 80 °C on converter


Isolation [1]
Non-isolated DCDC
Input V [2] [3]
15 to 90V
Input I max
Output V range [4] [5]
12 to 90V
Output I limit range [4]
2 to 75A
Output current ramping [4]
1 to 20A/s
Rated max Power [6]
94 - 98%
Start-up Duration [7]
< 1700ms

[1] UART communication port is isolated.
[2] Non-operating Input max 99V.
[3] Input Over-Voltage shutdown during operation, if > 90V.
[4] Programmable settings through GUI during start-up via comm port with PC.
[5] Might require a minimum load of 0.5A for tighter tolerance at Output V.

[6] Output current derates when > 80 °C.
[7] System boot-up, about 1200ms automatically when there is input power. Max power output in about 500ms, after switch is turned on.
[8] High-Temperature shutdown, if > 105 °C.



  • Wide input & output voltage ranges
  • User-configurable Voltage and Current output via GUI
  • User-configurable Current output ramp rate via GUI
  • Power output On/Off switch
  • Live monitoring of input Current and Voltage from source
  • Live data logging (csv file) via GUI
  • Load sharing among the internal DC-DC modules
  • Inrush Current limiter
  • Integrated thermal control with heat sink and cooling fans
  • Applicable for battery charging
    (voltage output droop while maintaining set Current output)

Converter Safety Features

CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.60950-1:2007/A2:2014
UL 60950-1:2007/A2:2014
EN 60950-1:2006/A2:2013

*Converter modules only

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