Eco Marathon Pressure Regulator (EMPR) is specially designed for teams taking part in the Hydrogen prototype and urban category Shell Eco Marathon competitions, with in-built smart and safety features including:

Two-Stage Pressure Regulation With Factory Preset Outlet:
Inlet up to 350bar and outlet of 0.5bar (factory adjustable). Inherently safe for fuel cell operation without the need for manual adjustment.

High Flow-Rate:
36NLPM Hydrogen flow-rate capable of powering up to 3kW fuel cell.

Pressure Relief Devices:
Thermal pressure relief device (TPRD), emergency relief valve and safety relief valve at the low pressure outlet ensure safe operation.

Ultra Low-Power High-Flow Solenoid Valve:
Normally Closed (NC) solenoid valve for added safety, with a low operating continuous power consumption of 0.35W for fuel efficiency.

Gas Pressure Transducer:
Live status monitoring of the remaining fuel pressure in the gas cylinder.


Mechanical Specifications

Gas Media
Hydrogen, Nitrogen
Rated Inlet Pressure
350bar (35MPa)
Gas Outlet Pressure (@Rated Flow)
0.45 - 0.75bar (factory set during order
Max Outlet Pressure (@Zero Flow)
Gas outlet pressure + 0.3bar
Low Pressure Safety Relief Valve
3bar (factory set during order)
Rated Operating Flow Rate
Operating Temperature
[-20,45] oC
132 x 128 x 65 mm

Thread Specifications

Connection To Gas Cylinder
M18 x 1.5
Cylinder Adapter
M18 x 1.5 to NPT ¼ Female
Refueling Port
M22 x 2
M22 x 2 (on EMPR)
Refueling Adapter
M12 x 1.25 (to stainless steel refueling hose)
Stainless Steel Refueling Hose
M12 x 1.25
Refueling Pressure Gauge
M12 x 1.25 (to stainless steel refueling hose)
NPT ¼ female (to user’s Hydrogen source)
NC Solenoid Valve
G1/8 (to EMPR)
M5 female (low pressure gas outlet)
Gas Pressure Transducer
NPT 1/8 (to EMPR)
M12 x 1 (to data transmission cable)

What’s in the Box

  • A. Flight/Storage Case
  • B. Gas Pressure Transducer
  • C. EMPR
  • D. NC Solenoid Valve
  • E. Cylinder Adapter
  • F. Refueling Pressure Gauge
  • G. Stainless Steel Refueling Hose
  • H. Refueling Adapter