• 21 November 2023 •

zero batteries, zero compromise

This Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) has no batteries and does not need to stop for recharging, highlighting the advantages of Hydrogen fuel cells to power drones and robots.

Hydrogen x Fuel Cell x UGV

800L of Hydrogen gas is stored in low pressure Metal Hydride canister by Heliocentris, ensuring safe operation and up to 8h runtime.

Fuel Cell: Spectronik Protium-375 Fuel Cell provides cruising power to the UGV, with Supercapacitors Pack handling peak acceleration power demand. 200W power is also available for payload of up to 3kg – such as sensors and cameras.

UGV: the base UGV is Scout Mini by AgileX Robotics. It is equipped with Mecanum wheels for omnidirectional agility and can travel at max speed of 10km/h.

The potential is limitless – whether it is aerial drones, mobile robots, UGVs, AGVs or eco-cars, Hydrogen fuel cells can increase your vehicle range and eliminate battery charging downtime.

Contact us to discuss how Spectronik Hydrogen fuel cell solutions can enhance your vehicle runtime!

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Watch the Hydrogen Fuel Cell AgileX Scout Mini UGV in action