• 20 December 2023 •

Partnership aims to bring high-quality Hydrogen fuel cell products to India

Spectronik has entered a Distributorship Agreement with Peraglobe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (“Peraglobe”) for the sales and marketing of Spectronik’s Hydrogen fuel cell products in India. The Distributorship Agreement was signed on 6 December 2023 following a 3-day visit by Peraglobe to Spectronik Headquarter in Singapore. During the visit, Peraglobe witnessed Spectronik’s Hydrogen fuel cell production capabilities, verified its products’ performance, and drove the Cruiser Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Peraglobe is a professional Indian engineering company which provides end-to-end solutions in the domains of Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Condition Monitoring and Institutional R&D. Peraglobe has identified a huge market gap in India for high-quality, portable Hydrogen fuel cell products for applications such as aerial drones, UGVs, AGVs, robotics, material handling equipment and small EVs.

The use of Hydrogen fuel cells in these applications can provide longer runtime and faster refueling (charging downtime) compared to conventional Lithium-ion batteries. Spectronik’s air-cooled Hydrogen fuel cell products – the Protium Series, is perfectly suited for such applications and fulfil the market needs that were previously underserved by bigger liquid-cooled fuel cells.

Peraglobe will immediately showcase Spectronik’s products with a live demonstration of a Hydrogen fuel cell powered UGV at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT) 2024 Expo in Pune, India, on 23-25 January 2024.

Jogjaman Jap, Founder and CEO, Spectronik:

“Peraglobe has PAN India customer network and can provide local professional technical support. We are confident that Peraglobe is the right partner to expand Spectronik’s market coverage in India. We thank Peraglobe for their trust in Spectronik and look forward to a successful long-term collaboration”.

Ellendula Venkateshwara Shashank, Director, Peraglobe:

“Our partnership with Spectronik forms a significant leading edge to the growing fuel cell market in India, especially with more thrust on green energy. We are excited to work with Spectronik’s cutting edge fuel cell technologies for India as they offer high reliability and commendable product quality with their decades of experience”.