Spectronik’s new Protium Eco-Marathon (PEM) 450W fuel cell will power HAN Hydromotive’s HM 15 vehicle at Shell Eco Marathon Europe and Africa 2024

Arnhem, The Netherlands, 15 May 2024 – Spectronik, a Singapore company specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and commercialization of portable Hydrogen fuel cells, announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with HAN Hydromotive – a forward looking and innovative eco-car team from the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Under the partnership agreement, Spectronik shall become the official fuel cell system supplier of HAN Hydromotive’s vehicles for the next 3 years – ensuring that HAN Hydromotive gets up-to-date and best performance products every year. HAN Hydromotive will return used fuel cell to Spectronik for recycling – effectively promoting sustainability and circular economy. At the same time, HAN Hydromotive will provide technical data and user feedback.

The partnership is announced on the day of the Unveiling Event of HM 15 – HAN Hydromotive’s latest eco-car commemorating the team’s 15th year anniversary. HAN Hydromotive has incorporated numerous improvements to the vehicle – such as its body, steering and braking system, suspension and live data logger. HM 15 will be powered by Spectronik’s latest Protium Eco-Marathon (PEM) 450W Hydrogen fuel cell which promises better electrical efficiency and fuel utilization.

“HAN Hydromotive has been using Spectronik fuel cells for the past 3 years. This partnership is a natural next step to further strengthen our ties. We are proud to be associated with an extremely talented team who continually pushes the boundaries of motion efficiency and Hydrogen powered mobility,” said Jogjaman Jap, CEO of Spectronik.

“In recent years, HAN Hydromotive has been able to achieve great results, thanks to the Spectronik fuel cells that powered our cars. HAN Hydromotive is extremely proud to be a representative of the leading Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer Spectronik! Together with Spectronik, we will explore the full potential of transportation using hydrogen fuel cells, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable!” said Mees de Groot, Team Manager of HAN Hydromotive.

HAN Hydromotive will be participating at the Shell Eco Marathon Europe and Africa on 19-24 May 2024 – where HM 15 will attempt to break the team’s fuel efficiency record.