Powered by Spectronik 2500W fuel cell stack module

Aisan Industry – a leading Japanese manufacturer of critical components for automotive industry, has showcased a 2500W Fuel Cell (FC) system to power a low-speed green electric vehicle. The fuel cell stack module is manufactured by Spectronik and is the core module used in Spectronik's Protium-2500.

Nexty Electronics - who is Spectronik's Authorized Distributor in Japan, supplied the fuel cell stack and also provided local technical support.

Innovations developed by Aisan for the FC system include:

Power Control System – harvests electrical energy from fuel cell and Lithium battery as appropriate depending on high load (acceleration, climbing etc.) or nominal cruising load requirements, with the fuel cell also recharging the battery whenever excess power is available. By optimally controlling the power distribution, Aisan has successfully extended the driving range while reducing the battery size for electric vehicles.

Hydrogen Supply Recirculation System – comprising an ejector and exhaust drain system that recirculate unreacted Hydrogen gas and
minimize Hydrogen loss when removing the product water, effectively increasing the Hydrogen fuel utilization efficiency.

This FC System is a testament of Aisan Industry’s continuous commitment to develop systems that promote the spread of Hydrogen applications and push towards the realization of a carbon neutral society. It is also in line with Spectronik’s mission to democratize its portable Hydrogen fuel cells – making it easy for end-users to convert any electric platform into a Hydrogen powered one.