03 July 2024

Drive further, charge faster, last longer


This Hydrogen Moped comprises the popular Segway-Ninebot MMAX110 electric platform and an add-on fuel cell conversion kit, allowing a plug-in hybrid dual flexibility of battery charging and fast Hydrogen refueling. The TN1 refueling receptacle is compatible with standard 350bar dispenser in normal Hydrogen Refueling Stations.

Advantages of installing a Hydrogen fuel cell into urban mobility like 2-3 wheelers include:

  1. Higher Range: depending on the gas tank size, the moped range can be extended by 70-150%, giving user more driving autonomy;

  2. Fast Charge: refueling the Hydrogen gas tank takes just 1min. Although battery swapping is equally fast, it requires 2-3X battery pack per vehicle, compared to one Type 4 (plastic liner with carbon fiber overwrap) Hydrogen tank which lasts 15 years and more than 10,000 charge-discharge cycles. Moreover, if green Hydrogen is used, then both Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions are fully decarbonized.

  3. Last Longer: more than 90% of the fuel cell components can be recycled at the point-of-use, effectively promoting sustainability and circular economy.


Spectronik is on a mission to democratize portable Hydrogen fuel cells for Mobile Robots and Urban Mobility applications. You can easily convert any electric platform into a Hydrogen one by choosing suitable fuel cells and accessories  here.

To learn more on how to make your vehicle drive further, charge faster and last longer, contact us at  hello@spectronik.com

Watch the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Moped in action:

Basic technical specifications:
Electric Moped
Motor Power 400W brushless motor
Peak Torque 90Nm
Vehicle Gross Weight 54.8kg
Chassis Material High-carbon steel
Lithium Battery 48V, 30-34Ah
Fast Charge Up to 15A charging
TCS Traction Control Anti-skidding on slippery roads
Brake Control Linear ABS
Tire Size 16in
Vehicle Dimension 1780 x 680 x 1095 mm
Top Speed 60km/h
Range 91-100km
Fuel Cell Conversion Kit
Gas Cylinder Type III Carbon Fiber
Cylinder Size 2.5L
Storage Pressure 35MPa
Hydrogen Storage 78g
Refueling Receptacle TN1
Fuel Cell Type PEM
Fuel Cell Power 500W
Coolant Air-cooled
Fuel Cell Voltage 36-54V
Charging Voltage DC regulated 48V
Net Energy Deliverable 1.055kWh
Range Extended 83km