• 31 August 2022 •

High flowrate, super lightweight and user friendly

For portable, long endurance Hydrogen fuel cell applications, it is very common to store high pressure compressed Hydrogen gas in carbon fiber cylinders. Yet, the fuel cell requires low pressure input typically less than 1 bar gauge pressure. This is where a gas pressure regulator comes in. The ideal pressure regulator should deliver high gas flowrate at a stable output pressure and be as small and lightweight as possible.

Here's how Spectronik’s Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator fulfills these requirements and more!

1. Super lightweight and comes with integrated gas pressure transducer

The Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator is a compact and lightweight device that weighs approximately just 270g. It is capable of taking in 350bar gas inlet and directly stepping it down to 0.5bar outlet suitable for use in typical Hydrogen fuel cell applications. It also comes with an integrated gas pressure transducer that allows user to accurately monitor the remaining fuel pressure in the gas cylinder in real time.

The connection to gas cylinder is an M18 x 1.5 thread which is common for most portable Carbon Fiber Cylinders – including the ones from Spectronik. We offer Type III Hydrogen gas cylinders in various sizes ranging from 3.5L to 20L water volume.

2. High flowrate at a stable output pressure

The Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator is rated for 50 slpm Hydrogen gas flow. It means that just this one small regulator can support the continuous Hydrogen consumption requirement of a 4kW fuel cell! The Regulator achieves this high flowrate at a continuous stable output pressure of around 0.5bar. This allows you to provide optimal Hydrogen gas delivery pressure to the fuel cell at all times.

3. Refueling kit and operating as a lab equipment

When you purchase the Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator, a Refueling Kit is also included in the package. It comprises a 2m stainless steel hose and adapter for ease of refilling your carbon fiber cylinder with Hydrogen gas from industrial gas tank source.

There is one more amazing feature. With the Refueling Kit, you can also use the Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator directly without the carbon fiber cylinder by closing the high-pressure inlet valve. Hydrogen gas will then flow directly from your source through the Refueling Kit and exit from the regulated low-pressure outlet. This way, you can even use the Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator as a lab bench-top equipment and not just for portable applications.


Miniature Gas Pressure Regulator Specifications

Gas media
Max inlet pressure
Gas outlet pressure (@ rated flow)
Rated flow-rate
50 slpm