• 05 October 2022 •

The Ideal Voltage Regulating Device

For systems powered by DC sources such as batteries or Hydrogen fuel cells, it is often necessary to have a DC-DC converter that takes in unregulated input voltage and provides a stable output voltage to the load. Here are 3 reasons why Spectronik’s Cerebral-55 Smart DC-DC Converter is the ideal voltage regulating device!

1. Compact, powerful and efficient

Weighing just 1.5kg, Cerebral-55 can deliver up to 5500W of stable output power at >96% efficiency. It can also accept a wide input voltage range (15-90VDC) and produce a user configurable output of 12-90VDC.

2. Packed with smart features and functions

Setting up Cerebral-55 is extremely easy! Through the PC GUI, user can set the desired Voltage, Current and Ramp-rate values and turn on the power output with just a single flick of a switch. User can also monitor system parameters live and log the data via the PC GUI. Should there be any error, Cerebral-55 will deliver a warning message or automatically shut down to protect the system. Cerebral-55 also comes with integrated heat sink and cooling fans for optimal thermal control.

3. Current Ramping suitable for Hydrogen fuel cells

Cerebral-55 has a Current Ramping function designed specifically for DC sources like Hydrogen fuel cell which may take time to deliver its full output power. In such scenario, it is vital for load Current to be applied gradually to protect the power source from sudden spikes in the load Current demand. With Cerebral-55, user can turn on the Current Ramping function and set the output Current slew rate from 1A/s to 20A/s.

Cerebral-55 is developed using the best power conversion solutions and technical support from our industry partners Synqor and Apps-Connect.

Watch The Cerebral-55 Video Below