• 02 November 2021 •

Every year, students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) participate in Shell Eco-Marathon competitions globally. The goal is to engineer the world’s most energy efficient vehicles.
For the Hydrogen fuel cell category, Spectronik has specially developed the Protium-375 Eco-Marathon Package – designed to eliminate the complexity of Hydrogen fuel cell system integration and help participants focus solely on breaking efficiency records.


Here are 3 tips on how you can win the next Shell Eco-Marathon competition:

1. Optimize the vehicle weight and power requirement
Analyzing the results of previous Shell Eco-Marathon competitions, winning vehicles typically did not use more than 200W average power throughout the race. Use lightweight materials for the vehicle body and minimize drag with aerodynamic designs. Ensure that your vehicle is drawing around 200W power most of the time during normal cruise.
The Spectronik Protium-375 Eco-Marathon Package comes with hybrid Supercapacitors that will provide the peak power needed during start-up, acceleration and hill climbing. The fuel cell will then recharge the Supercapacitors when excess power is available during cruise. Protium-375 Eco-Marathon Package also comes with DC-DC converter that is user configurable to 0-90VDC output to match a wide variety of vehicle motor controllers.
2. Optimize the fuel cell’s operating parameters
Peak electrical efficiency of 56-57% can be achieved when the Protium-375 fuel cell is operated at around 200-250W. Therefore, the stack is designed for maximum efficiency during Shell Eco-Marathon competition while providing excess buffer power for lifetime.
We have also incorporated dynamic purge frequency based on the fuel cell’s actual accumulated energy output. The fuel cell will purge at optimum intervals to maintain its power output and do so less frequently when the vehicle is idle. We have left no stone unturned to save fuel and help you achieve best fuel efficiency!
3. Adjust the fuel cell to race conditions on the spot
Teams have a finite number of runs during race day and every trial is precious. The Protium-375 comes with 10km range wireless communication and remote-control capability so that the driver can concentrate just on driving while pit-side team members can monitor the fuel cell’s performance. Functions such as fan speed and Hydrogen purge can be manually adjusted live according to specific race conditions via PC/Android Graphic User Interface (GUI) Application. The fuel cell data can also be logged in a csv file for post processing and analysis prior to the next run.
Fuel cell experts from Spectronik will be online to provide remote technical support during race days to ensure that every run counts.

The Shell Eco-Marathon is a great competition to foster STEM innovation and teamwork. Spectronik highly recommends universities and research institutions to participate in the Hydrogen fuel cell category.

The Protium-375 Eco-Marathon Package costs US$7,699 and the first 10 buyers will receive10% Discountand free shipping worldwide.

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