• 22 November 2021 •

The Spectronik Mini Series, available in 25W (Protium-25) and 50W (Protium-50) versions, is designed for Universities, Research Institutions and System Integrators who are interested in learning about Hydrogen fuel cell and unleashing its vast potential!


1. Portable and user-friendly

These pocket-sized fuel cells can easily charge several electronic devices like smartphones and tablets and can be set up in less than 1 minute anywhere with no extra tool or equipment required. Each fuel cell also comes with a smart electronic controller for autonomous operation, error protection, live system monitoring and data acquisition.

2. Multiple functions and configurations
The Mini Series Fuel Cells are extremely versatile. You can choose to externally power the fuel cell’s balance-of-plant (fans, valves etc) to gauge the fuel cell stack’s gross power output. You can toggle On/Off the fuel cell’s short circuit function to rehydrate the stack to its optimal performance. And you can also connect a Hybrid Lithium battery in parallel if peak power beyond the fuel cell stack’s rated power is needed. Countless possible configurations for you to explore.
3. IoT-ready 
When running experiments, you no longer need to manually record the fuel cell parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power and Energy. Simply connect to your Android device via Bluetooth and launch the Spectronik Graphic User Interface (GUI) app. You will be able to monitor the fuel cell performance live, receive warning messages, and record your experiment data. The logged csv file is stored on your device and can later be re-opened for post processing. You can even upload the file online and share it with your colleagues immediately.


Protium-25 Specifications

Rated/Gross Power             25/30W
Rated/Gross Current           4.2/5A
Voltage Output                    6-9VDC
System Weigh                     360g


Protium-50 Specifications

Rated/Gross Power             50/60W
Rated/Gross Current           4.2/5A
Voltage Output                    12-18VDC
System Weigh                     480g


There is no better value for money in the market for a small power fuel cell system like the Spectronik Mini Series. Available in 25W (Protium-25) and 50W (Protium-50) versions, they can be ordered directly from the Spectronik online store.


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To find out more, visit the product pages:

Protium-25  Protium-50

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