• 16 March 2022 •

Photo credit: NEXTY Electronics, UniQ, JFE

Spectronik's Protium Series fuel cells have powered countless types of vehicles - from drones, scooters, trikes, golf carts, and eco-cars. 

This time, Japanese electric mobility developer UniQ, together with project partners JFE and NEXTY Electronics, have demonstrated a Hydrogen fuel cell powered autonomous lawnmower - powered by Spectronik's Protium-1000.

The Protium-1000 is Spectronik's 1000W Closed Cathode Air-Cooled Hydrogen PEM fuel cell system. Fuel cell lawnmower has several advantages compared to battery powered one including longer runtime and fast Hydrogen gas refueling, allowing the user to cover more ground in less time. There is also no need for back-up batteries or stoppages for battery charging, further increasing work productivity.

The UniQ fuel cell lawnmower will be on display at JFE booth (Stand E48-30) at the FC Expo 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight from 16-18 March 2022.