• 07 December 2022 •

Powered by Spectronik Protium-2500

At the WakuWaku World (Excitement World) event held on Sunday, November 27, 2022 at Sky Hall Toyota, NEXTY Electronics Corporation (Head office: Minato ku, Tokyo; President: Yasuhiro Kakihara; "NEXTY Electronics" hereinafter) provided a compact hydrogen fuel cell made by Spectronik Pte. Ltd. ("Spectronik" hereinafter), one of NEXTY Electronics’ partner companies, for a soccer robot developed by the Toyota Engineering Society* capable of taking shots at high speed.

WakuWaku World is an event held with the aim of communicating the wonders of “Toyota, the City of Manufacturing Culture” throughout the city and beyond, to show all kinds of people the joys of manufacturing and the charms of automobiles. One of the sessions at the venue was a demonstration of the Hydrogen Powered Soccer Robot developed by the Toyota Engineering Society capable of taking shots at high speed.

This Soccer Robot is equipped with a compact hydrogen fuel cell which generates electricity from hydrogen and air, and serves as the heart of the robot’s power source. For this project, NEXTY Electronics provided both the hydrogen fuel cell itself, and a range of engineering support related to operating the cell.

Through increased sales of compact hydrogen fuel cells and accompanying engineering support, NEXTY Electronics is striving to solve issues faced by society and help Japan achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

* A voluntary association of employees working for Toyota Motor Corporation, established in 1947 for the purpose of improving the technical abilities and skills of its members, promoting friendship, and contributing to the development of technical fields in a variety of sectors. There are around 30,000 members at present.

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