• 28 July 2023 •

Powered by Spectronik Protium-375 Eco-Marathon Package

On 4-9 July 2023, university teams from across Asia-Pacific and Middle East convened at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit in Lombok, Indonesia, to participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2023 competition. The goal of the competition is to build the most fuel-efficient vehicle across different power sources (battery electric, Hydrogen and ICE) and categories (prototype and urban concept).

KUST from Kookmin University (Republic of Korea) won 1st place in the Prototype Hydrogen category with a fuel efficiency result of 373.65km/m3. Powered by Spectronik’s Protium-375 fuel cell system, this result is a 37.3% improvement from KUST’s previous year’s result of 272.2km/m3, when they finished runners-up in the 2022 edition. Their remarkable result this year would have been enough to win last year’s competition as well.

HYD12OGEN from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) won 2nd place in the Urban Concept Hydrogen category with a fuel efficiency result of 238.26km/m3. Powered by Spectronik’s Protium-1000 fuel cell system, the team did superbly well to improve from their 2022 result (99.4km/m3) by an astonishing 139.7%!

Antasena ITS Team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (Indonesia), who also competed using Spectronik’s Protium-375, won 3rd place in the Prototype Hydrogen category with a fuel efficiency result of 216.23km/m3. Despite being hindered by mechanical issues throughout the competition, Antasena showed tremendous grit and determination to complete the race and secure a valid official result.

In the true spirit of marathon, the primary objective is not to win but to complete the race and improve on the individual’s personal best record. Spectronik is honored to have been part of these teams’ journey and we look forward to supporting more teams achieve their fullest potential in future competitions.

A huge congratulations once again to all team members of KUST, HYD12OGEN and Antasena!

To learn more about how Spectronik’s fuel cells can help you win the Shell Eco-Marathon competition, read our blog post here.


(Photos courtesy of KUST and HYD12OGEN)