• 8 December 2015 •

Set up in 2011, Singapore company Spectronik develops fuel-cell portable power products that convert hydrogen gas into electricity for industrial and critical military applications in remote, off-grid areas with no access to electricity.

The company started off providing fuel-cell products for use in local research institutions and universities. In 2015, using the SPRING Singapore Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme’s Proof-of-Value grant, the company developed Spectronik Water-Assisted Power (SWAP) Platoon. The portable power device uses Spectronik’s patented solid fuel technology to react with water and produce hydrogen gas on demand. This gas is then converted into electricity using fuel cells. Converting hydrogen gas into electricity produces only water and heat as a by-product, which means SWAP Platoon does not generate any pollution.

The SWAP Platoon’s superior energy density and lack of charging downtime make it suitable as a field battery charger for off-grid military applications, where supplying electricity is logistically challenging. In fact, it can even be used to power military and surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles – most commonly known as drones – which typically use gasoline fuel, thus helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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