• 26 May 2022 •

powered by Spectronik Protium-375

HAN Hydromotive team from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands won the EcoGreen Gas Pays de la Loire Challenge 2022. Their vehicle – the Hydromotive 22 (HM22) achieved the feat with an astonishing efficiency of 830km/L of SP95 equivalent, beating their previous record of 690km/L.

The EcoGreen Gas Challenge took part on 18-19 May 2022 at the Loire-Atlantique circuit in Fay-de-Bretagne, France. In the Challenge, student teams have to build and drive a vehicle over 20km at an average speed of 25km/h using the minimum amount of gas fuel (biomethane, renewable and low-carbon Hydrogen). The goal is to promote transport decarbonization, innovation and active learning for the participating student teams.

The HM22 is powered entirely by Hydrogen gas. The fuel cell powertrain – Spectronik’s Protium-375, provides power during cruise, while acceleration and peak power needs are powered by supercapacitors pack on board the vehicle. The Hydrogen fuel cell recharges the supercapacitors pack whenever there is excess power available.

“Congratulations to HAN Hydromotive for winning the EcoGreen Gas Challenge 2022. The team has displayed strong engineering acumen and creativity in optimizing the fuel cell parameters and vehicle dynamics. They have certainly succeeded in promoting Hydrogen fuel cell as a viable solution for future sustainable mobility,” – Jogjaman Jap, CEO of Spectronik.

“This track is extremely challenging with a lot of slopes to climb. We are proud to achieve a new efficiency record for our HM22 vehicle. Apart from best efficiency, we also drove the most distance – more than 122km over 7 stints on track. This Challenge gave us valuable experience and we would like to thank Spectronik for the technical support from the fuel cell vehicle integration process and all the way to race days,” – Thomas Leijssen, Powertrain Engineer & Technical Manager of Han Hydromotive.

Watch the HM22 in action at the Ecogreen Gas Challenge 2022 (drone video) below

Photo and video credit: HAN Hydromotive (https://www.hydromotive.nl/)